For My Nephew Griffin On His Birthday


Hi Griffin!  I just got back from an incredible adventure.  I sailed aboard a pirate ship and visited distant lands!

1147604_10200663499816031_1584112919_oP1020382 P1020275 While on board, I of course had to dress like a pirate!

20130925_224645This was my captain.

P1020157These were my mates.

1291374_729558533726768_686150702_oWe sailed to strange lands, where the roads are made of water…

P1010969 P1010967

P1010975 P1010976 P1020006…and the street signs were made of candy canes.

P1020098P1010972The coffee was so strong that they only served it in tiny cups.  I had 23 of them.

1272990_10202150137060057_472014468_oI made many new friends.  Some were fellow travelers.


P1010977Some were natives to the lands we visited, but a smile appears to be universal.


And some of my new friends were totally unexpected.



P1020537 P1020623I climbed to great heights!

P1020162 P1020163 P1020177And found some new lows.

20130925_231512I even got to be Spiderman, and run around on my web.


I saw the full moon through the eyes of a sailor.

P1020136I saw dark skies roll ominously over our ship, but not a drop of rain fell upon us.

P1020651P1020640I saw the water turn green, then blue, then silver.P1020199 P1020276


I even saw a castle!

P1020292I saw how people in these strange lands live their lives.  I saw how they were different, but mostly I saw how they were the same.

P1020273 P1020248In the end, when the adventure was over, and I had to come back home, I carried with me in my camera some memories to last a lifetime.  I thought I’d share some of them with you.

Happy Birthday!

Love Uncle Larry

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