Jesus vs. Santa Claus

Warning!! The following video is offensive, immature, blastphomous, and contains potty language.

The Spirit Of Christmas

When I first saw this, I have so say I was rolling on the floor laughing. It is nearly impossible to offend me, and this little cartoon certainly didn’t. Neither did the hundreds of other cartoons that Matt Stone and Trey Parker came up with, forming the series South Park on Comedy Central. New episodes are still being produced today.

This first one in particular though invoked the true spirit of the holiday season for me, which is to laugh, be joyful, resolve differences, be generous, and be kind. If you can get past the language, and the in your face offensive nature of this cartoon, all of what I just spoke of is in there.

Now I am not going to make this a really long blog post, as I will let the cartoon stand on it’s own, but I did want to make a couple of comments which were inspired by Doobster418 and a post he made in his mindfuldigressions blog.

1) What is today called Christmas has been celebrated long before the birth of Christ, which by the way is an estimate itself.
2) It has been celebrated by many cultures at this time of year as a worship the sun. Think about it. If the days have been getting shorter and shorter, you might want to start praying to the Sun God, and looky there, it’s working since the days are getting longer again. Hmmm… So if I pray to a Son God, oh sorry, I mean Sun God, the Son is resurrected, oh sorry the sun starts to come back and the days get longer? I’d better do that then.
3) You know, it’s a good time to “Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas, make the YULETIDE (Pagan holiday) gay.” Since there are no crops to tend to because it’s so freaking cold outside.

I’m truly not trying to destroy the “Spirit of Christmas” or anyone’s faith. I’m simply stating my opinion, which by the way comes from opening a few books, including the New Testament and many others.

So watch the cartoon. Don’t be offended, just laugh. And feel the spirit of the holiday season permeate your heart and soul, and maybe warm you up a bit too because it’s freakin’ cold out there!

11 thoughts on “Jesus vs. Santa Claus”

  1. Catholics and Orthodox Christians are different. I don’t hate them, but I know their differences of belief from us. They split from us in the 1054 schism, because they take unleavened azyme bread instead of leavened zyme bread, they ue scholasticism instead of the patristic texts made by the church fathers, they believe in Purgatory, where as we don’t, they have statues in their churches, where as we only have icons, their nuns and monks have religious orders, where as ours don’t, they have the pope as head of their church, and the pope claims supremacy, where as we say he only has primacy, and is a first among equals, like other bishops, they don’t have Hesychasm, and they have an Augustinian view of sin. Recently, their nuns have short habits, too, when they should be covering themselves from the stares of men. Then there is the addition of the Filioque, which adds “and from the Son…” to the Nicene Creed, which changes the procession from the Holy Spirit. So I’m not being ignorant, no. We are a different denomination from them. We are different from Protestants of course, too!

    We have saints and icons, where as they don’t, and we have monasticism, where as they don’t, and many other things.

    And I pray that other Christians will come to the Orthodox way, and for you, too. Don’t hate me, because I don’t hate you. Anyway, you can think what you want of me. I have done my part.

    1. Why would you think I would hate you? Hatred of anything or anyone would only hurt me. Thank you for the education, I am always wanting to know more about others who live their lives differently than I do. Personally, even though I was born Jewish, and I still feel connected to it in a cultural sense, I do not really subscribe to any organized religion, as I believe that they are all created by man and are therefore imperfect. Jews and Muslims also have different denominations, each judging that they are right? Who is? Nobody is. Everybody is.

      I am saddened that you think the only nice Muslim’s are the nonreligious ones. I am saddened that you find it necessary to hate people who believe in the same God as you, and who come from the same family tree as you. If you believe the Bible then we are all children of Abraham. There are countless acts of bloodshed and violence in history involving brother against brother. Instead of reading other people’s books looking to find reasons to fear them, why don’t you look for reasons to love them, and ways that you are similar. And please. Does it really matter what religion, or for that matter what denomination of what religion came up with a wondfully inclusive prayer like St. Francis did? If you don’t like that one say another one, but don’t pray for me, because I will not leave this world with fear and hatred in my heart, for you or anyone else. I’ve had my fill of that for one lifetime. Humility is now my aim, not righteousness.

      1. Sorry, I don’t mean to offend you. But I don’t believe they have the same God as us, because of their not believing the Old as well as the New Testament, and the fact that their belief in their god Allah came from Pre Islamic times, and was sourced from various religions in the Arabian Peninsula, and this Allah of theirs was included in worship with the goddesses Al-Lat and Al-Manat. These other celestial gods were done away with, with the coming of Muhammad, and the defeat of the Quarish in Mecca. Their Hajj and Umrah is from Pre-Islamic times, too. Yes, they say they believe in parts of the Torah and Gospels, but it makes me wonder which Torah and which Gospels? And they can believe what they want, but I am not going to agree with it. Did I advocate violence? No. Okay, I was harsh, but I guess I just went too far. But I certainly do not like human suffering.

        Sorry if I upset you or anyone else, but I just don’t like it when people deny the very real sufferings Christians had to face. Communism was a big one, too, especially in my Holy Mother Russia, and this was contrived by atheists. Are all atheists bad? No! But the ones that killed us were.

        And I agree Muslims had to face terrible things, too. But it does not mean I will turn around and say that they are the same as us.

        I don’t want to fight with you. If anything, I would prefer to be your friend if that were possible. I know Judaism, and Jews with no religion, are different from me, but I don’t mind that. As long as we don’t have any arguments anymore. Me and my atheistic brother avoid these conversations, usually, since it’s a dangerous topic. Hope you can forgive me if I was too blunt.

        But you were blunt too, and that upset me. I can take criticism, but not things as harsh as this. I prefer things that are constructive.

        I would love it if we both commented and viewed each other’s blogs peacefully, so that we help each other in views, and make each other’s blogs more popular and heard. I’ll keep my opinions to myself from now on, apart from on my blog, and try to tone things down a fair bit.

        Anyway, peace.

  2. But it is us Orthodox that have the better prayers, just so you know. They are more spiritual, and less tied down to Roman legalism.

    But it’s okay for me that they prefer their prayers. They are Christians, I will give them that.

    1. Of course we are. Merry Christmas. Happy belated Hanukkah. Happy holidays, and Happy New Year. I don’t mean any of those phrases to be disrespectful. Just take them at face value, and may the new year bring the both of us closer to enlightenment.

  3. Hey Larry, thanks for referencing me as the “inspiration” for this post. I see that you and orthodoxchristian2 are at it again here on your blog. Well, at least you two seem to be getting along here.

    Enjoy today.

    1. Thanks my friend. I wouldn’t say we are “at it”. His last comment said that hopefully we will come to an understanding, but the only understanding I think we will come to is that we don’t understand each other. However, acceptance of one another is a different story.

      I’m about to write another post and use your “War on Christmas” as my inspiration. I will reference you. Don’t worry.

      Follow my blog at


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