War on New Year’s!!!

This is very simple really.  After reading “Happy Holidays and Other Blasphemies”, which I have reblogged here for your convenience, I am declaring a “War On New Year’s!!!!”

Did you know that the Gregorian Calendar is sometimes called the Christian Calendar?  This is because Pope Gregory XIII modified  the Julian Calendar (as in Julius Caesar)  in the year 1582 because Easter was not lining up with the Vernal Equinox.  Now first of all, I’m not sure why a pope would care about that since Easter is supposed to be about the resurrection of Jesus Christ, not the beginning of Spring??????  Hmmm….


Anyway, Caesar’s calendar was based on a year which went from March 25 to March 25, and it was 364 1/4 days long.  Ahhh, I see.  So an adjustment needed to be made to make it 365 1/4 days long.  Hah!  If it were only that simple.  Having had to write a computer program to handle leap years once, I know better.  Leap years are not just every 4 years.  They don’t occur on century years that are not divisible by 400, so 1700, 1800, and 1900 were not leap years, but 2000 was a leap year.  Whew! (wipes sweat from brow).

There was another problem though.  When Pope Greg changed the calendar, the Julian Calendar had fallen 10 days behind the Gregorian Calendar, so he declared that October 4, 1582 would be followed by October 15, 1582.  Plus, the new year was no longer on March 25, but it was now on January 1.

Now, assuming you following this calendar at all, because Jews follow a lunar calendar and Muslims follow a solar calendar, things are still confusing.  Not all countries adopted the new Gregorian calendar right away.  So when is New Year’s?  Who knows?

If it’s a time for making resolutions that you don’t keep, then I would like to declare that every day is New Year’s Day, and anyone who will deny that should prepare for battle!

Organized religion has been pulling the wool over our eyes for thousands of years, and now they are playing math tricks with our calendar too!  I think not.  Today is my New Year’s Day.  Today I buck the norm, and take my own path.  My year starts and ends on December 25 from this day forward.  Except in 2014, 2021, and 3020, and 3033.

2 thoughts on “War on New Year’s!!!”

  1. Calendars can be so confusing. The company I work for is a publicly-traded company listed on the NYSE. It uses a fiscal calendar divided into four quarters, each quarter with 13 weeks following a 4-5-4 breakdown of those 13 weeks. Hence, our month end dates, quarter end dates, and even year end dates don’t coincide with the respective end dates in the Gregorian (or Christian) calendar. And further complicating matters, my company follows a fiscal year that starts a few days before the beginning of July and ends a day or two before the end of June.

    Thus my company’s second quarter of FY 14 ends on 12/27/13. This whole thing hurts my head.

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