2014 All Over Again

Good morning, and happy new year to anyone naive enough to be reading this. I regret to inform you, but this is not a new year. 2014 has already occurred. Here is a list of significant events that happened in the year 2014.

1) All of the governments of all of the countries of the world got together on the newly discovered, unclaimed, neutral island of Humantopia and signed a world peace agreement. As a result, a new race of people was declared, and it was officially called the human race. A union of countries, which included most of the world was formed. It was known as the Human Union.

2) The Worldwide Hunger and Life Sustainment Fund was formed. People started to see each other as people, and those who had something to give realized that the greatest satisfactions in life come not from getting what you want, but from helping others. As a result, millions of volunteers went to thousands of places, and helped to provide education on farming and self-sustainment, as well as providing food, shelter, and clothing in the short term.

3) The Worldwide Medical Relief and Training Fund was established. Doctors who participated in the program went all over the world, treating the sick, and teaching them how to treat themselves and others. These doctors were compensated more than fairly for their efforts and were highly successful because they were allowed to make their own choices as to how to treat their patients. Health insurance companies slowly went out of business because there was no longer a need for them. The money once used to line the pockets of the corporate executives of these health insurance companies now went towards science, and scientists cured cancer and HIV, and many other deadly diseases.

4) The Worldwide Productivity and Employment Fund was established. Although capitalism still existed, taxes were restructured based on per capita household income, and most of the complexity was removed. The program became universally adopted throughout the Human Union. I’ve laid it out here before you,

a. The basic structure was a 4 tier income level assessment. Although terms like “poverty level”, “middle class”, and “upper class” were not used, I am using them here to avoid referring to income levels.

b. Those who’s per capita income were below poverty level paid no taxes. Those who’s per capita income was between poverty and middle class paid a 10% tax. Those between middle and upper class paid a 20% tax. Those above upper class paid a 40% tax.

c. The following tax deductions could be made, but they would not change your initial tax rate. Those who contributed between 0 and 5% of their income to any or all of the above funds would receive a 25% refund of their contribution amount in the following tax year. All money contributed over 5% and up to 10% of their income to one of the funds above would see a 50% refund of this amount in the following tax year. Any amount more than 10% and up to 20% of their income would see a 60% refund of this amount in the following tax year. And finally, any amount over 20% would see a 75% refund but for this you had to wait for two tax years.

d. There were other provisions for providing to other charitable organizations

As far as receiving services from these funds, they were available to everyone in unlimited quantity, but after a certain amount of use, tax deductions for contributing to these specific funds would be forfeit for that year.

With all of the human needs taken care of, there was time and money to concentrate on other areas, like energy. Hydrogen powered vehicles were perfected, and fueling stations were being installed in people’s garages everywhere. The cost of ownership was still high, but the advancement of electric drive, and hybrid technologies forced gas prices to 52 cents per gallon. Nations that had been our enemies were now working with us to develop new energy sources since the reduced need for oil forced them to reassess the long term viability of their economies.

A new emphasis on integration and education emerged. Old prejudices vanished as people of all different faiths and colors worked side by side, each bringing enrichment and diversity to the newly formed Human Union. Humantopia was officially named Capital of Earth, and it’s flag was a combination of all flags of all nations under the Human Union.

All weapons of mass destruction were destroyed, including those owned by the USA and what we had been calling the friendly nations. There was no need for weapons anymore, because we were all part of something bigger, and we were all in this together.

Towards the end of 2014, a new world had emerged. Although there were still differences and disputes, there was this overwhelming sense of hope for the future. The human race had finally realized that it’s evolution does not happen when we are looking for and finding ways to hurt each other and fear each other and protect ourselves from one another. Evolution happens when we are seeking to understand each other, and help each other, and teach each other and learn from each other, or at least, accept each other. We proved in 2014 that working together, we can accomplish far more than we ever could alone.

But here we are, and it’s Jan 1, 2014 all over again. Why? Well the ball didn’t drop. The ball in Times Square didn’t drop. It just hovered there, and people started to panic, and the millions of humans that showed up to celebrate our togetherness started to feel separate again. After all of the progress we made in 2014 it all went to shit when the ball didn’t drop. We spent so much money, and so much time trying to make this one event so perfect. We humans put all our eggs in one basket again. And when things didn’t go our way, we didn’t work together to try to resolve the problem, or just excuse it as unimportant, since after all, it’s just a ball. Instead we started to blame each other. We started to point the finger at our neighbors, and to argue over something so petty. We forgot the reason we were there, which was to celebrate our humanity and all of the progress we made towards making this world a safer and healthier, and more abundant world for our children. Instead we digressed, and lost every bit of progress we had made. We had forgotten that when we are trying to change ourselves, that we have to keep trying. We forgot that if we are not constantly trying to move in the right direction, that we are pulled in the wrong direction. We forgot that if we don’t learn from our mistakes of the past, and use those lessons to change our actions today and in the future, that we are doomed to repeat those mistakes, and that past, over and over and over.

So you as a human have a rare opportunity here. You may not agree with everything that happened in 2014, but at least our leaders were trying something and in my opinion, heading in the right direction. If you don’t agree, well now you know. But if you just complain about what you don’t like about this world, about your government, or about your neighbor, and you never try to understand the world, or your neighbor, and you never call your congressman, or vote for a different governor or president, well then you will remain exactly where you are. You will be doomed to the same life for the rest of your life, and you will never help the human race to evolve.

I’ve laid out the future for you, but the future is not set in stone. The choices you make help to influence the outcome.

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