Sol Invictus

Scientists may think they know the reason for the extremely cold weather we are having, but their explanation is limited by their assumption that no external force is influencing things.  Polar Vortex they say.  I think that explains the why, but it leaves out the who. 

I know the truth, and the truth is this is a punishment from God.  It is a punishment from God for the millions of people worshiping a false idle these past holidays.  It is a punishment for the gross misinterpretation of who and what he really is, and the attempt to spread this blasphemy to all corners of the Earth.

That’s right, he is Sol Invictus, Pagan God of the Sun, and he brings Hell on Earth in the form of extreme cold to punish the non-believers who think they should be worshiping the Son of God rather than the God of the Sun.  He removes the warmth he provides, and yet stays out shining brightly so that you know it is he who is punishing you.

It is not too late to repent.  If you get down on you knees and pray to Sol Invictus, he will bring warmth back to the land.  But don’t expect instant gratification,  for it rarely comes.  Don’t expect immediately forgiveness for you sins, for his punishment has been set in motion, and it will not be until the beginning of the vernal equinox that you will fully feel his forgiveness.

Do not forget this lesson.  Remember it and teach your children about the identity of the one true God of the Sun. For it is he that makes life possible on this planet, and it is he that has the power to destroy all life on this planet by simply turning his back on you as you have done so to him.  His name is Sol Invictus.  Feel his wrath!


3 thoughts on “Sol Invictus”

  1. Those of us who live in San Francisco have pleased this Sol guy. It’s never that cold here and it’s sunny most of the time. Another 60+ degree day today in the City by the Bay. Sure, sometimes he gets a little pissed and calls upon the fog to envelope us, but then, by mid-morning, usually, our prayers are answered as he conjures up the breezes to blow away the fog, allowing us to bask in his brightness. All hail Sol Invictus!

  2. So that’s what we in Michigan have been doing wrong all this time…no wonder we have a city named Hell (which has more than frozen over by the way).

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