Seri Say My Name

After reading this article (see link below) I realized I was not, after all going crazy. My Tortie definitely talks a lot, and even chirps. Of course, mine also says my name, which is not something they mention in this article. It’s strange because I could understand if she was imitating a sound she was hearing, like someone else in the house saying my name, but I live alone. I still don’t think I’m hearing things or going crazy. I just think Seri is reading my mind, and of course all I am ever thinking about is me.

The other things they say in the article are not so much Seri. She is not nearly as feisty as her little brother who is a tabby by the way. That’s probably more Bene the tabby’s doing than hers though. Every time she tries to be affectionate Bene jumps in front of her. He needs to be pet first, fed first, and loved more, and she is very submissive and accepting when it comes to his assertive personality.

She also tends to be very skittish.  She has warmed up to me, and to my dog Jamaica, but she is easily frightened.  She’s got much more of an emotional connection with me than Bene does.  She is normally very well behaved, but the few times I’ve caught her peeing on my couch, or eating something she isn’t supposed to, I have had to yell at her, and she does not seem to be as emotionally resilient as her brother.  Still, if I get her alone, I scoop her up, and hold her, and her purring is more like singing than what you would hear from a typical cat.

One thing the article says though which is spot on is that Seri wants things a certain way, and if she isn’t getting her way she will let me know. Sometimes this is in a very affectionate way, like rubbing up against my leg or head butting me. Sometimes this is in not such a nice way, like crying and crying until I figure out what’s wrong, or peeing on my stuff. This last one doesn’t happen too often these days after I took the vet’s advice and started using a different litter.

One thing is for sure though. When Bene is happy he purrs. When Seri is happy she coos, and chirps, and sings. And of course, as you will see, she says my name.

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