The Box

“I need a box.” Is the sentence I posted on Facebook a few days ago.  A while back I purchased a “Cat Genie” which hooks up to the water supply and uses sythentic cat litter that can be washed rather than the normal litter that must be scooped.  Now, I am not a lazy person by any means.  I have no problem scooping the litter box as much as needed.  But I do have a cat who is finicky about a clean box, and I have an awkward living space, and a dog who eats turds, which makes it difficult to have multiple boxes throughout the house. 

So I figured this thing was the perfect solution, if I could convince the cats to use it.  At first it worked wonderfully.  The cats would go in it, and they could still bury and dig if they wanted to, and all I had to do was replenesh the litter every once in a while, and change the cartridges with the cleaning solution.  Then, once every 4 months I had to run a cleaning cartdridge which would thoroughly clean the unit.  It was working fine, until it jammed one day and the litter remained wet, and this was enough to turn off my finicky tortie.  My tabby didn’t seem to care.  Wet, dry, synthetic, clay, natural, as long as he could dig he was happy.  But the tortie decided that she’d rather go on my blankets and rugs than in this thing, and even after I got it working again, she still wouldnt use it. 

The vet said to go back to a different litter which I did, and I put it in the same room as the “Cat Genie”, hoping that my tortie would one day decide to try it again.  She didn’t, and after repeated attempts to get her to adjust to it, I finally gave up.  Luckily the company has a one year return policy.  So they sent me a return Fed Ex label and I’m going to return it.

Now this is where the story takes a twist for those of you who are not Facebook friends, because the box that I asked about was not a litter box.  It was a box to return the “Cat Genie”.  When I posted “I need a box” I got a couple of smart comments, but no box.  I went to the local grocery store and no box.  I went to the hardware store, and no box.  Finally I went to the office supply store, and they didn’t have any boxes they could give me, but they did have some for sale.  None were the right size though.

The salesperson suggested that I purchase multiple boxes to make a box the size I wanted.  Ingenious I thought!  I can Mcguyver this one!  Well, I’ll tell you folks, I used to be a Math teacher, and I even student taught an honors geometry class, and I was sitting in that store for about 45 minutes trying to figure out what combination of boxes would make the box I needed.  I had them layed out on the floor.  I was drawing diagrams.  Finally I said you know what, I will probably use any boxes that I don’t use for this project, so lets just get a bunch of different sizes and see what happens.

Things don’t always turn out the way you intend them to.  All of my pets, but particularly the cats were fascinated as they watched me create this Frankenstein.  What is it with cats and cardboard?  Anyway, I have no extra boxes left, and I’ve been through a whole role of package sealing tape, and here is the result of my 2 hour effort.


Now when you have finished laughing, you must understand that about halfway through this project I was just having fun, and I knew it was a lost cause.   Maybe not something I’m going to be shipping a “Cat Genie” in, but perhaps a new toy for the cats?  So where does this bring me to today?  What do I have to say for myself after this extremely industrious, creative, and productive effort?

“I need a box.”

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