What’s he thinking?

This is Bene.


Sometimes I wonder what he’s thinking.

Is he thinking, “Daddy don’t stopping rubbing my belly please!”


Is he thinking, “Daddy’s leg is soft.”


Is he pointing at a fly on the ceiling thinking, “Daddy Can I eat that for dinner?


Is he thinking,  “Daddy, why are you such a big, funny looking cat?”


Is he thinking, “This is the life!  My sister Seri, and my big retarded sister Jamaica who drools and pants a lot, and my Daddy and me.  Things couldn’t get much better!”

Then I stop wondering what he is thinking, and I stop thinking, and just enjoy the moment, because I realize that is what he is doing.  He’s just living in the moment, and for all of us, right in this moment, things are pretty good. 

So I thought I’d share this special moment with whomever is reading this.  I wish you many special moments in your life, today and every day.  When you notice one, stop what you are doing, stop thinking, and do what Bene does.  Just be!

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