Protecting Ubi


Since I’ve had this little guy, I’ve had to do a lot to protect him.  In some ways I’ve succeeded, and in some ways I’ve failed.  For example, Ubi has a broken leg.  I take sole responsibility for that because I shouldn’t have fallen asleep with him on the couch with me.  Even though the seat of the couch is only 2 feet off the ground, that’s a long way for a puppy that stands less than 6 inches tall on all 4’s.

Now my job is to keep him calm.  Although he seems oblivious to the broken leg, and can run around my house like a mad man if I let him, I’m really not supposed to let him.  This means that I have to put up with a lot of crying and whining when he is in his crate, but really wants to be running around like a puppy is supposed to.  I hate doing it, but it’s for his own good.  He doesn’t blame me.  When I let him out he doesn’t show resentment.  He’s just happy to be out, and he licks my face and toes and follows me around like a little shadow.

There are some things though, that I hate to protect him against.  These are things that are outside of the house, and outside of my control.  Like trash on the ground for example.  Especially cigarette butts.  Today, for the second time since I’ve owned him, he managed to find a cigarette butt and pick it up in his mouth.  Luckily each time I saw it right away, and picked him up, prying his mouth open and pulling it from his teeth.  I wish I could say I got all of it both times, but I know that a little tobacco went down his little throat.  In fact, if he were acting sick at all I would have taken him to the emergency vet.

Now I can’t sit here on my high horse and say that I don’t know how smokers can just put their cigarettes out anywhere, because I used to be a smoker, and I used to do it myself.  But I’ll tell you what, if I ever started smoking again, which God forbid I hope I never will, I know now what damage I’m doing to the environment, and what little mouths might be getting poisoned because of my actions.  I would never smoke in the house where I’d be poluting the air that my little puppy breaths, and I’d always put out my cigarette in a proper receptacle.  After all, why should he suffer because I have a nasty habit.  You know, I may not even have a puppy, because the nicotine would get on my fingers, and if he licked my fingers he would ingest the nicotine.  Smoking is truly insidious, and it affects everyone and everything around us.

Did you know that nicotine is an insecticide?  That’s right, it’s a poison for insects.  Most of natures creatures don’t go near it, because they know it’s bad for them.  Little puppies don’t know any better.  They are domesticated, and have lost most of their natural instincts.  That’s why it’s up to us to protect them.  Ubi wouldn’t be able to survive out in the wild.  He wouldn’t have a clue how to hunt his food.  He’s such a friendly little guy that he wouldn’t know friend from enemy of all the creatures in the wild.  And he would eat cigarettes that only we humans consume, because we are the only creatures stubborn enough to do so.

Don’t get me wrong.  I have bad habits.  I’m not trying to preach.  I’m just asking anyone who might be putting their trash on the ground to stop and think before you do it.  Think about what little mouths might be picking it up later on.  Think about what cute little puppies you may be killing.

2 thoughts on “Protecting Ubi”

  1. Well said! Hopefully it will have a positive and responsive impact. How much longer does Ubi have to wear the cast? Love, Dad


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