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Vote on the Facts, not on the mud slinging.

I find myself extremely disturbed this morning.  This article that I write is an article about something that I despise, and it’s not the usual story I write about my cute little Cavachon Ubi.  I wish it was that kind of story.  I could make you laugh, cry, or at least smile and go “Awwwwww…”, as you look at the pictures of his cute little face.  Sorry, not today folks.

This article is about “Pa Pa Pa Politics.”  There, I said it.  I hate writing about this because to me, these days, politics is about a bunch of mud slinging.  Instead of candidates having character, being likable, and having a good plan for the country if they are elected, this upcoming election is about who’s campaign has done a better job of hiring people to write negative ads about the other candidate, and write them with such bias, and misrepresentation of facts that they make the other candidate look downright evil.

Case in point.  I recently watched an ad about a court case in 1975, where Hilary Clinton defended a 41 year old man who was accused of First Degree Rape of a 12 year old girl.  So what is the controversy?  Well, the ad states that Mrs. Clinton lied, suppressed evidence, laughed about the case when being interviewed about it, got the defendant off on 2 months time served, accused the 12 year old girl of wanting to be with an older man, and fantasizing about being raped, and so on…

Some of these facts are true, but they are taken so out of context, and so misrepresented, that anyone who would just watch the article and not check on the facts would consider Hilary Clinton to be the spawn of hell.

I decided to check the facts.  The links below are examples of the articles I read.  These articles do confirm some of the facts, but they also put them into perspective.  In fact, these articles go so far as to include additional damning, that if not checked, would further harm Mrs. Clinton’s character.

There are other articles out there which I also read.  Many of the articles were clearly  biased.  I tried to pick the ones that were simply checking facts.  I encourage you to please read the articles I have included here, but also to read any other articles you find about this court case, and the actions of Hilary Clinton and everyone involved in the court case, Please, do not just go by what this one flawed human is saying.  If you do, that is just as bad as watching the ad I saw, not checking the facts, and taking it at face value.  In fact, this is the whole point of this article that I am writing today.

Just a side note.  One of the articles I have included is from Snopes.  I recently heard a rumor that the CEO of Snopes was arrested on charges of fraud and corruption.  Come to find out that this was originally published by a website called “The People’s Cube”.  “The People’s Cube” is a website that publishes political humor and satire.  Hmm…

What I’m not going to do is summarize these articles for you.  I am not a journalist, and I won’t try to convince you that I have enough experience to be presenting this story from every angle.  Sorry people.  You will have to form your own opinion, based on the evidence.  I am only trying to convince you to look at the evidence.

Another item that I must speak of, is that this article is not a defense of Hilary Clinton.  It is an encouragement to look beyond these garbage, mud slinging ads, that have no relevance to the election before us.  I can’t make anyone do anything, but I’m fired up enough about this that I felt I needed to write it down.

Also, I am non-partisan.  I am not a registered Republican or Democrat.  To decide who to vote for, I look at the candidates, their plans, vs. their promises, their solutions rather than their complaints, and I look at what they have done politically in the past.  In the case of Trump, these will have to be extended to his business experience, because he has no political experience.  That does not mean he will make a bad president.

I watched the debate last night.  Without making judgments, I feel it was clear who was better prepared.  Not for the presidency, but for the debate.  Will this be the same in the next two debates?  Who knows.  But I would rather be making my decision of voting choice based on who I think will be able to carry the weight of this enormous responsibility.  The debates help with that, but they are not everything.

Again, I encourage you to make your choice of who to vote for, not because of sensationalist ads, but because you have done your research, and you truly believe that your candidate will do a better job in office.  When you see these negative ads, before you make a judgement, I encourage you to check the facts.  Scrutinize them!  You are making a very important decision based on what you believe to be true, so shouldn’t it be important to you to be absolutely sure that it is true?

Or, you could do no research and go with your gut feeling.  Sometimes it’s enough just to have faith.  Right?  Faith in God?  Perhaps, if you believe in God.  I’ll tell you what though.  Presidential candidates are not God.  Especially these two.  In fact, I sometimes say “Oh My God!  What has this world come to?”, while wondering if these are really the best two 3people out of 300,000,000 that we could come up with to be President of the United States.  It’s a competition of who we dislike less!

So that’s my rant for the moment.  The articles are here to read if you wish.  I wish I could figure out how to get the video I watched out of Facebook and onto my blog, but I struggled with that for about an hour and gave up.  I will ask the original poster if he would be willing to send me the video, or tell me where it is, and if successful I’ll post it at a later time, or as an amendment to this article.

Thanks for reading!


Protecting Ubi


Since I’ve had this little guy, I’ve had to do a lot to protect him.  In some ways I’ve succeeded, and in some ways I’ve failed.  For example, Ubi has a broken leg.  I take sole responsibility for that because I shouldn’t have fallen asleep with him on the couch with me.  Even though the seat of the couch is only 2 feet off the ground, that’s a long way for a puppy that stands less than 6 inches tall on all 4’s.

Now my job is to keep him calm.  Although he seems oblivious to the broken leg, and can run around my house like a mad man if I let him, I’m really not supposed to let him.  This means that I have to put up with a lot of crying and whining when he is in his crate, but really wants to be running around like a puppy is supposed to.  I hate doing it, but it’s for his own good.  He doesn’t blame me.  When I let him out he doesn’t show resentment.  He’s just happy to be out, and he licks my face and toes and follows me around like a little shadow.

There are some things though, that I hate to protect him against.  These are things that are outside of the house, and outside of my control.  Like trash on the ground for example.  Especially cigarette butts.  Today, for the second time since I’ve owned him, he managed to find a cigarette butt and pick it up in his mouth.  Luckily each time I saw it right away, and picked him up, prying his mouth open and pulling it from his teeth.  I wish I could say I got all of it both times, but I know that a little tobacco went down his little throat.  In fact, if he were acting sick at all I would have taken him to the emergency vet.

Now I can’t sit here on my high horse and say that I don’t know how smokers can just put their cigarettes out anywhere, because I used to be a smoker, and I used to do it myself.  But I’ll tell you what, if I ever started smoking again, which God forbid I hope I never will, I know now what damage I’m doing to the environment, and what little mouths might be getting poisoned because of my actions.  I would never smoke in the house where I’d be poluting the air that my little puppy breaths, and I’d always put out my cigarette in a proper receptacle.  After all, why should he suffer because I have a nasty habit.  You know, I may not even have a puppy, because the nicotine would get on my fingers, and if he licked my fingers he would ingest the nicotine.  Smoking is truly insidious, and it affects everyone and everything around us.

Did you know that nicotine is an insecticide?  That’s right, it’s a poison for insects.  Most of natures creatures don’t go near it, because they know it’s bad for them.  Little puppies don’t know any better.  They are domesticated, and have lost most of their natural instincts.  That’s why it’s up to us to protect them.  Ubi wouldn’t be able to survive out in the wild.  He wouldn’t have a clue how to hunt his food.  He’s such a friendly little guy that he wouldn’t know friend from enemy of all the creatures in the wild.  And he would eat cigarettes that only we humans consume, because we are the only creatures stubborn enough to do so.

Don’t get me wrong.  I have bad habits.  I’m not trying to preach.  I’m just asking anyone who might be putting their trash on the ground to stop and think before you do it.  Think about what little mouths might be picking it up later on.  Think about what cute little puppies you may be killing.

Ubi is a Chic Magnet


First, let me just say that I didn’t purchase this puppy because I knew he would be a chic magnet.  I purchased him because I wanted a dog, and he was a breed that was perfect for my lifestyle.  He just happened to turn out to be a chic magnet also, and I’m not complaining about that.

For example, I was at the eye doctor the other day, and one of the opticians looked to be around my age, or maybe a little younger.  I showed her and the other ladies there pictures of Ubi and the usual comments commenced.  “Oh, he’s so cute!”  “He’s adorable!”, and all the other ones I usually hear.

Then this one woman said, “You know how they say dogs look like their owners?”  She started going into  specifics about my big eyes, and his big eyes, and my hair and his hair.  She went on and on, so I took this as a compliment, and as an opening, and I asked her out.

Before I go any further, let me say that I checked, and she was not wearing a ring.  So the next thing out of her mouth was somewhat of a surprise.  “I’m married.”  So guys, tell me if I’m right or wrong here.  If a woman is giving me compliments, and is not wearing a ring, then I should not have any hesitation in asking her out, right?  And if said woman is married, she should be wearing her ring, and even if she happened to forget it that day, she certainly shouldn’t be flirting so obviously with a stranger like me.

It just isn’t fair!  In fact it’s mean!  Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t think this woman was trying to purposely hurt me, but I am not a stupid person.  I know flirting when I see it, and that is what she was doing.  She was giving me an opening, only to slam it shut once I tried to use it.

Oh well, I’m not going to linger.  It is always nice to get a compliment.  I just wish single women would do that every once in a while.  I do know one thing though.  I’m bringing Ubi, or pictures of Ubi wherever I go from now on, because it creates an opening.  Ubi certainly is a chic magnet.

I love you Ubi!  Now go find Daddy a girlfriend!  Good boy!

The Road to Gratitude

Not sure why this isn’t showing up on my computer and only my tablet, so I’m re blogging to see if it fixes the problem.

Creative thoughts and thoughtful opinions

So it’s almost 10:00 on a Tuesday evening, and I’m not tired yet.  I don’t want to watch TV.  I don’t really have anything to do, hmmm…  Oh!  I haven’t written in my blog in a while.

I haven’t really been doing much of anything lately to be honest with you.  When some stuff happened in my life, I crawled into a shell, and ultimately wound up extremely depressed.

Now first, I want to warn you, because I’m about to talk about God.  Not the traditional God that many people think of.  I’m not a Christian, and even though I’m Jewish I still don’t believe that Jewish parts of the Bible are meant to be taken literally.  I’m not even talking about an all powerful, omnicient being, that guides our every day lives.  In fact, I’m not talking about anything predefined.  The word God is what we use to describe…

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How to Survive with a Sensitive Soul

For those of you out there who are like me, this one is for you.

Midwest Sweet Tea

An ode to the sensitive souls:

Those of us just tryin’ to get by,

with a nod of the head,

no look in the eye,

to those so quiet,

passive and chill,

the overwhelmed ones

can’t help what they feel


Avoiding the critics

Prone to anxiety

When facing specifics

This post is for you

Introverted or not

Sensitive souls

Need not be forgot

Pinpoint Triggers


As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), you may notice a tendency to feel more deeply, paying more attention to details than most. Although Thought Catalog recently posted a list of 18 Struggles Only Over-Thinkers will Understand, the list could have been coined “18 Struggles Highly Sensitive Persons will Understand”, which still would have made perfect sense.

A Huffington Post article keenly observes how HSP buckle under criticisms, so be wary of inadvertent tendencies to people-please. It’s okay to skip out on a loud…

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Sometimes, it’s difficult to find things to be grateful for. This usually happens when we are looking at the things in life that we don’t have, rather than the things we do. Tonight I spent Thanksgiving with one blood relative. I could look at that out of context, which I tend to do, and start to feel sorry for myself. I could start to think that I am missing out on something because I don’t have any children, or that I don’t have a very good family.

But what I didn’t mention was that in addition to my father, my step-mother was present, and that she has been a better mother to me than my real mother was before she passed many years ago. What I didn’t mention was that her three children were also present, and along with them were their combined 8 children. What I didn’t mention was that I was able to make several of those kids smile, just by being who I am. What I didn’t mention was that they also made me smile. What I didn’t mention was that my step-mother’s ex-husband was also there, and I was able to help him with some of his computer problems. A long time ago, I became that guy amongst most of my friends and family. What I also didn’t mention was that my father’s love for me sometimes is the equivalent of a dozen blood relatives. The way he tolerates my moods, and the way I sometimes want to push away because I don’t want him to carry the burden of things I go through sometimes. He is truly the definition of unconditional love, even though he sometimes only knows how to express that with his left brain.

What I also didn’t mention was that I had fun. I left with a smile on my face. So it seems that blood isn’t the only requirement to feel like you are amongst family. Tonight I made a decision to be around people even though I didn’t really want to. I feel pretty good right now as a result. Can you imagine how I’d feel if I decided to spend Thanksgiving alone?

Sometimes it’s important to step back and look at the big picture and be grateful that there is a big picture to look at. Tonight I’ve thought of many things to be grateful for, and at the top of my list is that I made a decision to escape from my head, even if just for a little while.